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Coffee & Counsel

In the last few weeks this blog has been as guilty as others in unleashing a torrent of comment to respond to the torrent of regulations, guidance, practice directions and other verbiage as the legal world struggles to cope with COVD-19.

I'm afraid that isn't going to stop - when I find the time from moving every single object in my flat to a different place and then moving it back, whilst simultaneously ironing every shirt I own and making the entire contents of the "Good Housekeeping" cookbook like it's 1974, I am going to produce my long-promised second article on The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020, considering in particular the controversial question of enforcement powers.

But in the meantime, here is the pilot episode of "Coffee & Counsel", where myself and colleagues from Trinity Chambers try to slow down, take stock and make sense of the first situation.

The first episode is a little long (it's a pilot after all) and although it is nominally discussing the security of the Zoom app, it's more a general chunter on how we as legal professionals are coping with the tech, focusing on the psychological rather than the technical adaptations, and involving issues as diverse as VHS v Betamax, wine deliveries, and the piss being ripped out of my refusal to wear anything other on cam than fine suiting (high quality yet affordable from the legendary Russell Howarth of Graham Browne).

If you fancy a break from the more serious stuff please give it a try.

Charles Holland -

Licensing law, chancery/commercial litigation and property.

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